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All of our teaching and learning is based on the foundation of values such as; integrity, trust, respect, compassion, acceptance, optimism, team work, commitment and care.



Services overview

Individualised Education Plan , Individual Remedial Therapy , Read therapy , Play therapy , Study Skills , Concentration Tests , Parent Support Groups , Outreach Programme



our school governing body

Our school governors commit themselves to hard work every three years. Because of good financial management we are able to plan for the future and take care of our staff and facilities. The Governing Body is a democratically elected body in which the majority of members are parents. The other members are elected by the teachers and other staff members of the school. Elections take place every three years or when there is a vacancy. The Governing Body in turn elects a Chairperson, a Treasurer and a Secretary. All governing body members are elected to promote the best interests of our school.